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  1. Peewee

    Main Beam Delay

    Early 2006 HZJ79R When I first twist the knob to turn on my low beam it works fine. Occasionally when I flick the stalk forward for main beam my lights will go out for 2 or 3 seconds. After that it usually works fine Any suggestions?
  2. dyladams

    Headlights / brights not working

    Hi All, I have done a search but am not able to find any information that might solve my problem. My headlights work under normal use and when I "Flash" my brights everything is OK. However if I put the lights on "high beam" or "brights", all the lights go off. Sometimes they all come on but...
  3. dyladams

    80 Headlight Brights slow

    Hi All, My brights on my headlights on my cruiser are very "slow". If I flash them then there is no issue, however when I put them on high they are very slow to respond and this sometimes means a black out. Is there any easy fix? or something I should be looking at? I have already purchased a...
  4. O

    HID or Xenon replacement/upgrade headlights available for 100 series without a kit?

    I'm in the US and looking for a HID or Xenon headlight replacement that does not require me to cut the existing headlight reflectors. I would prefer to purchase a complete headlight system that is a direct bolt in replacement and put my OEM headlights on the shelf in my garage in case I ever...
  5. A

    Retrofitted headlights LC200 2008

    Hey there LC200 owners.. Im new here and this is my first post ever.. Been driving the LC200 for about less than a year now but has anyone here noticed or is it just me.. The Headlights low beams are Shit.. Since HID's produce glare and not DOT approved.. Has anyone here heard or done any...
  6. keith97

    Lights coming on when switched off

    New here, first post. My 97 3.0L diesel LC has developed a bad habit of turning on the headlights even when the switch is OFF. Has anyone else had this fault? I'm not sure whether the switch is faulty or if it's wiring damaged. Only the headlights are coming on, not the tail lights when it...