80 Headlight Brights slow


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Hi All,

My brights on my headlights on my cruiser are very "slow".

If I flash them then there is no issue, however when I put them on high they are very slow to respond and this sometimes means a black out.

Is there any easy fix? or something I should be looking at? I have already purchased a new relay from Toyota.

It's worth noting that I have a JAP spec truck and thus the inner light is a fog light and NOT the brights.

Your assistance is most appreciated!


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Not specific LC experience but I've had similar on other motors - sounds like the switch worn ond or dirty contacts. When you flash it's a far more definate action and good contact, just switching and it's not quite getting there. Strip it down and clean it up - how many miles has it done?
Hope this helps.


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This sounds like a odd one. Have you tried changing the position of the headlight level switch?

Did changing the realy help?

Some early cruisers don't even flash the main beam unless the headlights are on so make sure they actually do flash.


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Toyotas, all Toyotas not just 80's, have a bit of an issue with very thin cabling to their lights. This leads to heating up of the cable and eventual carbonising of the plastic plug. This increases the resistance in the circuit. I've had plugs that have simply fallen to bits in a puff of black powder. If you put in 'bigger' bulbs to try and get some brightness back, it further compounds the issue. Not saying you have, but people do. I'd have suspected the relay first, but then the lamp plug and wiring to it. It sounds as though once on, they are performing, it's just that initial switch over that is a problem. So in this case, as the flash works, it does make me question the whole plug issue. All that's left then is the switch really.

I think the lack of answers is due to the fact that we don't have an answer that fits the problem. All of the components are shared between the flash and the bright other then the internals of the stalk.

Dave 2000

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There are two relays in the fuse box, IIRC one black and one brown, as per @Chris the wiring and connectors get old and heat up, pull the relays and look at the terminals.