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iac valve

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    1992 6 cyl. Land Cruiser IAC Valve needed

    Hey all! New here. Hope I have this post in the correct area. I have a customers 1992 6 cyl. Land Cruiser I am working on. I narrowed an issue down to the vehicle needing an new IAC Valve. Had high idle issues and was cutting out intermittently. I removed the IAC, cleaned, lubed. I did all the...
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    100 series high idel- 2001 IAC valve..

    Hello gentlemen, first post. i have an issue with my 2001 GXL 100 series with a 1fz-fe motor. ( live axel) my engine light was on and I got it check by Toyota which was diagnosed as being a faulty IAC valve, (idel control valve) I replaced and the engine light has since extinguished. Although...