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1992 6 cyl. Land Cruiser IAC Valve needed


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Nov 9, 2020
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Hey all! New here. Hope I have this post in the correct area.

I have a customers 1992 6 cyl. Land Cruiser I am working on. I narrowed an issue down to the vehicle needing an new IAC Valve. Had high idle issues and was cutting out intermittently. I removed the IAC, cleaned, lubed. I did all the voltage and Ohm checks that I could find on the internet. IAC Valve checked out fine that way but when I plugged it in and turned the ignition on to supply power the valve barely moved it any at all. You could feel it bump but the plunger did not move like I have seen youtube videos on other vehicles.

Here is where I started having issues trying to find a new valve. RockAuto out of stock, Autozone out of stock, numerous online sources out of stock, Called the actual manufacture who is WVE Vehicle Electronics. They make the parts for and show part #'s for Toyota, Autozone, and a couple other retailers. I even called Toyota and they say the part has been discontinued. Has anybody else had this issue and what is your work around or are you finding them somewhere else. I would even contemplate a known good used one but I am having issues finding any in a junk yard within 100 miles from me. I'm having a hard time fathoming this one part is going to kill this perfectly good vehicle and not allow it to run properly due to the part not being manufactured anymore. Looking for input.

Thank you in advance!


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