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  1. A

    Lc100 transfer case faulty after automatic transmission repairs

    I have an lc100 model with inline 6 petrol engine.I have just changed my automatic transmission but now my 4wd is not working. Is there a possibility that during the repair of my automatic transmission my mechanic screwed up. Now he is saying that 4wd motor is complaint. Can anyone please help...
  2. Suleiman


    Hello and hope everyone is keeping well! Been a member for a while but dormant - was waiting to get my cruiser before I started rambling... I just picked up a 2004 Landcruiser Amazon - 100 series. Guessing this topic has been discussed to the death but what wheels are other 100 series owners...
  3. Marpey

    Northern Norway driving in winter

    Hello I'm planning to drive my LC HDJ100 (4.2TD) to northern Norway in February (looking for northern lights!) to Tromso and maybe as far as possible towards the North Cape. Any good advice from anyone? In particular -studded tires, a necessity? - oil, for this extreme temperatures what would be...
  4. L

    Highway Blues

    Hi Everyone, 1st post here. So car in question : LC100 2003 amazon with the 1HDfte. 115k miles Its been moving around town most of the time,(this issue came up once earlier though it didnt cross my mind much as it happened on a shorter trip). Now however had a long trip on the highway and...
  5. S

    Removing lower vent from Bumper

    Hi everyone, new to the forum! I have a 99' 100 series. I'm a big fisherman, drive on the ocean often and I have a rod rack holder for the front of the truck that mounts to the license plate. The only metal piece is behind the bumper which I don't want to drill into. I'm trying to remove the...
  6. fittus

    False Alarms with Onbord-TVSS-System

    Hello, is anybody out there, who can confirm problems with permanently false alarms of the TVSS-Alarm-System? We have some LC100 cars in our pool and all of them have this problem!? Year of construction of all cars is 2006. In some cases i have found that sun shining triggers false alarms...
  7. fittus

    Ignition voltage (Clamp 15) for daytime running lights

    Hello, i have bought a pair of front fog lamps with an integrated led bar for daytime running lights for my Land Cruiser 100 (year of construction: 2006). The fog lamps and the led bar are independently to switch. Is anybody out there, who can give me a tip, on how i can branch clamp 15 (it is...
  8. SteveS

    Hedgehog - LC100 build thread

    Thought I ought to start a build thread on the cruiser. Over the next year I will build my 100 Series for a 3 week shake-down in Iceland in 2014 in preparation for our round the world journey in "the Hedgehog" starting 2015. Our trips are expected to be 6 months in length and go to most...