Ignition voltage (Clamp 15) for daytime running lights

fittus Jun 18, 2016

  1. fittus

    fittus New Member I am in austria


    i have bought a pair of front fog lamps with an integrated led bar for daytime running lights for my Land Cruiser 100 (year of construction: 2006). The fog lamps and the led bar are independently to switch.

    Is anybody out there, who can give me a tip, on how i can branch clamp 15 (it is the voltage which is switched by ignition lock). I will use this voltage for a relay to switch on the led daytime running lights automatically.

    Today i have searched in vain for this branch point or cable. The problem is, that on the floor of the driver and passenger side there are present a lot of smal harness connectors, which gives no possibility to branch por it will cause in a failure. All is very narrow and inaccessible.

    Also in the engine compartment i have not found an usable point/cable for an ignition voltage.
    I don’t want use a manual switch.

    Thanks for your help.

    - fittus-
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