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lift kit

  1. Kdawg19

    New here and looking for advise

    Hi , I’m looking for someone who know what their doing as I’ve come up against a roadblock , I will fully admit I’m only 19 and have a long way to go before I’m confident in doing things on my own , I’ve had my 1997 prado 90 for about a year now and am looking to lift it and fit bigger tyres , I...
  2. Z

    Big tyres

    Hello fellow Landcruiser enthusiasts I am new to the scene and wanted to know if anybody knew what is the biggest size of tyres and rims i could get away with on stock equipment ? Also the possibility of a 2" Lift and what size of tyre and alloys that will allow me to fit ideally i would...
  3. Jcromar80

    leveling or Lift

    All, Do you know if anyone makes a leveling kit for 1999 Land Cruiser. I was looking for something in the 2 inch range. If not I guess I'll go with a lift. I'm Open to any ideas on the best Lift kit option for this year LC. Thanks. @Jcromar80