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New here and looking for advise


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Feb 25, 2023
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Hi , I’m looking for someone who know what their doing as I’ve come up against a roadblock , I will fully admit I’m only 19 and have a long way to go before I’m confident in doing things on my own , I’ve had my 1997 prado 90 for about a year now and am looking to lift it and fit bigger tyres , I currently have 255/70/16 , as far as I know 265/70/16 is standard but I would like to go bigger and am not entirely sure where to go from here , I understand I may need to lift the car and hammer over some seams but if anyone has done this and may be able to help that would be brilliant , thanks for reading
Have a little read of this until he re installs windows 95 on his electric typewriter

They all look brilliant in that chat , I feel like mine looks … “saggy “ for lack of a better word
Only thing wrong with my typewriter is that its not as easy to use as pen and paper which is the smart option .

Hello Kdawg , if it was you who worked out that 255/70/16 will fit then your more than halfway to knowing all you need to know already .

Most tyres claiming to be 33" tall are in fact more like 32" and off the top of my head I think you already got that , hence what you want is fatter tyres for an aggressive offroad look ?

The key to this is what wheels you fit .
I currently have fitted what I believe to be the “ stock/standard” wheels I kind of get the whole offset thing so I think they have a negative offset ( may have got it wrong ) I’ll see if I can find a picture with the wheels in the goal is have wide more aggressive but call me a Mong I’m hoping to also gain a bit of height ( incoming ramble ) Because of my age ( 19 ) and being in the uk insurance will hammer me for a lift kit however tyres and wheels don’t affect it as much, just looking for a rough idea for size I can do and what’s needed to to it , thanks , it’s nice talking to someone who knows about this.


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They are standard wheels which have a positive offset of 15mm or some such I vaguely remember .

Insurance companies punish people for wanting to drive for the first couple of years regardless of what vehicle but its still worth getting a quote from the likes of Adrian Flux who do appreciate that we don't spend stupid amounts of money on modifying old cars just to crash and wreck them . It might be worth mentioning this club while on the phone to them as well .

265/70R16 7Jx16 ET15 2.2
I didn’t know that would help but will do that as it’s up for renewal in a month or so , yh everyone said I should have got a fiesta or something , nah can’t be doing that , so the best thing to do would be look at different offset wheels or spacers
Not sure what happened to my electric typewriter there but to copy and paste the standards size prevented me from continuing ?

Anyway if your going to go without a lift and assuming you don't have wads of cash to throw at it I believe you would be happier with the result of changing wheels to a 16x8 6x139.7 pcd .

Standard Landcruiser 80 wheels are a straight fit and zero offset which would bring your tyre out (closer to the curb) by 41mm .

Doesn't sound a lot but visually the difference is huge .

Your standard suspension looks tired and sagged to me as well so even standard height new might lift it a little .
I’m currently on apprenticeship wage (5.67 an hour ) so no money is an understatement, and as far as I know the suspension is all original so older than me so I think 80’s wheels and new shocks and springs is the way to go , I do however want to lift it in the future what’s a realistic height to do so
2" is your limit unless you do a body lift as well .