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  1. LegoCruiser

    Should I panic buy this FJ45?

    So I have never owned a Land Cruiser before, driven a few in the distant past and I now have the time and space to own one. I've been looking around for a while at various 70s but have always deep down wanted to own a 40 series (or a 70 too). Now is my chance! This rather Aussie looking beast...
  2. J

    dual fuel 80 running rough on gas or not running at all

    Hey guys. I just picked myself up a 1994 1fzfe dual fuel 80 it is a great car and I love it so far. Never had a problem on the 2 hour drive home driving on gas but a day later after I changed the air filter it started to not idle properly and sounded as it was missing but drove fine, revved...
  3. F

    1fz-fe lpg conversion???

    who out there has put lpg in there trucks? want to put lpg on my 80 1fz-fe. 4.5l inline 6 what gear did you use? what did it cost? did you go dule or only lpg??? any help out there spending way to much on petrol 1/4 of my wages go in the tank for like 200km a week and lpg way cheeper at the pump