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new guy

  1. Kdawg19

    New here and looking for advise

    Hi , I’m looking for someone who know what their doing as I’ve come up against a roadblock , I will fully admit I’m only 19 and have a long way to go before I’m confident in doing things on my own , I’ve had my 1997 prado 90 for about a year now and am looking to lift it and fit bigger tyres , I...
  2. Eiji73

    Belgium LC73 bonjour, hallo, hello, こんにちわ!

    Hi all, Jean-Yves Land Cruiser 70-series, LJ73, 2 liter turbo diesel, olive green, white hard top, 205k km in July 2022 Mods on your Cruiser: no mods so far. Bought with Australian bull bar Plans for your Cruiser: family, dog and trailer hauler. Planning an overland trip to Iceland in 2022...
  3. B

    New owner seeking advice and thoughts!

    Hi everyone, new to the land cruisers group and seeking advice!!!! Im looking at buying this 1996 land cruiser prado 3.0 Japanese import, its been mapped apparently, have been told its quick but havnt test drove yet (thats on Thursday) Been told its got a 6" lift kit... Its on 35" tyres but...
  4. Traumallama

    Compatable seatbelts for middle bench?

    Hey all, My LJ78 has a bench in the middle with a 2 point lap belt, I'm wondering since I've called every local scrap yard and looked online and can't find anything. Is there a similar vehicle I can pull seatbelts out of for the mid bench ? My Prado has the mounting holes for it, I'm just...
  5. J

    Hello all. another fresh one

    Hi all. Well into my toyotas. Have had a 4runner on 33s as my day driver for the past 6 years and enjoyed ever minute. Still have the thing but it's on lone to my brother at the mo. Live on the Isle of wight and have done my hole life. Just put a v8 soarer lump in another 4runner sas the...