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Belgium LC73 bonjour, hallo, hello, こんにちわ!


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Jan 9, 2023
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Hi all,

Land Cruiser 70-series, LJ73, 2 liter turbo diesel, olive green, white hard top, 205k km in July 2022
Mods on your Cruiser: no mods so far. Bought with Australian bull bar
Plans for your Cruiser: family, dog and trailer hauler. Planning an overland trip to Iceland in 2022.
4x4 Experience: none
Anything else you think is interesting or relevant: I’ve worked for Toyota corporate for 26+ years (not as an engineer, mechanic nor in sales) including in US, Europe and Japan. Former owner / driver of ‘85 Corolla; Tacoma x2; Previa (whale); Previa (2nd gen); European Avensis Verso, Wagon, Corolla Verso, Hatchback; Auris Wagon; Prius Plus (V); GT86; Lexus NX, RX; wife drives Lexus IS300h. Kids drive iQ, Yaris Gen I. Regularly go to Japan.
Welcome. You drive my favourite J7! Pics please
Welcome to the forum. That's a real piece of TMC history - sounds like you are infected for life :)
Iceland sounds like a nice adventure. Going this year? Found a ship yet? Looking forward to following your preparations.

PS: Iceland would be OverSea, not overland ;) although there is this story of the two French 4x4s showing up at the north coast of Norway with plans to drive to the north pole...
Thanks @uHu ! Yes we do plan to take a ship from Denmark… so it will be over sea ;) I just want to put these two photogenic things (the Cruiser and Iceland) together.