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new member

  1. Eiji73

    Belgium LC73 bonjour, hallo, hello, こんにちわ!

    Hi all, Jean-Yves Land Cruiser 70-series, LJ73, 2 liter turbo diesel, olive green, white hard top, 205k km in July 2022 Mods on your Cruiser: no mods so far. Bought with Australian bull bar Plans for your Cruiser: family, dog and trailer hauler. Planning an overland trip to Iceland in 2022...
  2. Matt37


    Greetings to all. I'm Matt from Wisconsin, USA. I waited 11 months to receive my 1991 RHD LJ78 from Japan (via Canada). It's here now, but I'm still waiting for plates from the DMV. So, right now it's a very nice lawn ornament.... In the mean time, I've been bolting things on to the truck...
  3. james ryan

    New Owner.... struggling!

    Hi Everyone, Bought my 1977 FJ40 back in early Dec but handed over to a garage to do some 'priority' work after having it inspected before purchase (undercoat, seat mount moved back - I'm 6ft4). On pick up had fuel issue that still has not been resolved. When collected from garage told it...
  4. D

    Hi. I'm Damien

    On my 12th birthday I was given a 1970 FJ40 Land Cruiser (Not running). 4 years later, I now have started working on it and have yet to try to turn over the engine because it has not been started in 7 years. I am happy to see my first car having such a following and loyal fan base. I am in on...
  5. E

    Howdy Y'all

    Lots of things have changed for me in the last 6 months, including buying a Land Cruiser. Name- Patrick Cruiser- 2002(I think?) Diesel VX300 with 110500km on the clock, owned it for about 20 hours now Mods- It has a snorkel, undetermined amount of lift, auxiliary fuel tank, "webasto" indoor...