1. BigO

    The Great Game Expedition - Overland Across Central Asia 2013

    Hello Everybody I'm an adventurous chap 14,000 miles into 25,000 plus mile solo overland expedition through Central Asia in 2013. Join Boris (my car), Kiwi Ted (my mascot) & I on our adventures. I'm in the middle of a unique overland 4x4 trip from London to China and back, through Central...
  2. Leopard

    Land Cruiser 70 Troopy

    A lot of you might recognize this truck from when Jonnie posted photos of it a few months ago. He mentioned that he might not keep it, so I jumped at the opportunity when he messaged me and asked if I was interested. My wife and I have had an overlander 80 series for a while now, but I've had my...
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