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  1. LambDrover

    Wanted 1994 LJ78 Passenger Front Wing & Parts

    Hi all, I've recently bought a 1994 LJ78 3.0 TD Project and Im looking for some parts to get it nice again. Based in Macclesfield UK. It will need a new front passenger wing and also I'm missing the drivers side plastic arch extension and the metal brackets for all the arches. Has anyone got any...
  2. dyladams

    BLACK Friday deals

    So has anyone spotted any really good deals coming up on Black Friday. Maybe something along the lines of: - accessories - parts - tools - camping equipment - service etc - etc. I saw it on another forum and thought some people on this site might have something to share....
  3. Stu156

    front bumper issues!

    Hi All, So we had a little issue in Austria a few weeks ago when my lovely wife managed to skid down the road and park Leeroy in a cliff face (It was a bit slippery, so not entirely her fault!). Anyway she hit the rock at around 20mph. It has damaged the bullbar, bumper and bonnet (see...
  4. E

    3F carby cylinder head needed! Aust

    G'day! My cylinder head (3F-C straight 6) is cracked and I'm desperate to get a new one. I'm from Victoria but will drive to NSW/SA to get my hands on one that works. If anyone's got one lying around or knows anyone who does, please lemme know. I have poured my heart and soul (and more money...
  5. Kileni

    How hard would it be to maintain an LJ70 in the USA?

    I've wondered if and when I move back to the US whether it would be hard to get parts for my LJ70 LandCruiser in the States. Thanks!
  6. Kileni

    how hard would it be to maintain a HZJ 105 LandCruiser in the United States?

    I've wondered if and when I move back to the US whether it would be hard to get parts for my HZJ 105 LandCruiser in the States. Thanks!
  7. StarCruiser

    Parts washer - free to collector

    As title really. If you're anywhere near Bognor Regis and want a parts washer that will take most of the big bits a cruiser has then please let me know. Air operated at present but could be adapted with a small pump. Uses Safety Kleen or kerosene and has virtually a full drum of a mixture of...
  8. MZilm

    1962 FJ40

    hi I am looking for info on my 1962 fj40 I have just got back on the road and would love to know all I can about the history and original condition of my old rig I would like to try track down original engine and any other parts that have either gone missing or been damaged beyond repair over...
  9. K

    1978 FJ40 Help, New Car and my first FJ!!!

    Yesterday I got a new 1978 diesel FJ40 from a guy who imported it from Costa Rica. I plan on restoring it as much as possible without spending too much. Its in fairly good shape but is missing some trim and needs new gaskets/seals around the doors and windows. Previous owner has done a good bit...
  10. Redeka

    BJ45 parts and conversion advice

    Hi, I'm a 'newbie' to this site and never owned a Land Cruiser ...However, I've been on the look-out for one ...and think I've found one which I may well be picking-up. Searching the web for parts and advice about conversions though, I'm finding almost *NOTHING* in the UK!!!... Can anybody...