1978 FJ40 Help, New Car and my first FJ!!!

KSIG1869 May 31, 2014

  1. KSIG1869

    KSIG1869 New Member I am in united_states

    Yesterday I got a new 1978 diesel FJ40 from a guy who imported it from Costa Rica. I plan on restoring it as much as possible without spending too much. Its in fairly good shape but is missing some trim and needs new gaskets/seals around the doors and windows. Previous owner has done a good bit of work, new radiator, gaskets in the transmission, etc. Very little rust and has an all new interior. I just a few minutes ago removed the throttle cable after it snapped in front of a country club haha. Anyways I was wondering if y'all had any tips for things to look at or check on that frequently need replacement. Should I replace the drum brakes with disks or is it not needed? What are some of the common problems with this vehicle? Also where is a good website or place to get trim? Im missing the hood latches and trim. Im also in need of the knobs that go on the dash for the lights and everything. If anyone has the parts I need Im willing to buy them and pay for shipping. All in all very happy with the new whip.


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  2. tonytoyota

    tonytoyota Well-Known Member I am in great_britain

    Hi and welcome love the 40's I have fj45 and fj40 with Diesels in it looks a good one have a look on www.sor.com and CoolCruiser.com good look with the Cruiser tonytoyota:laughing-rolling:
  3. Rodger

    Rodger Well-Known Member

    Hi and welcome,

    As Tony says Spector (sor.com) are superb for all the trim bits and you have the avantage of being in the US (they don't like sending stuff overseas!). There are many suppliers throughout N America, a few hours on the net will find everything you need. But use sor.com as a guide for price and availability.

    Your truck looks beaautiful.

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