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BJ45 parts and conversion advice


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Jun 3, 2013
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I'm a 'newbie' to this site and never owned a Land Cruiser ...However, I've been on the look-out for one ...and think I've found one which I may well be picking-up.

Searching the web for parts and advice about conversions though, I'm finding almost *NOTHING* in the UK!!!...

Can anybody give me some pointers for 40-series (especially BJ45) parts suppliers in the UK or near the UK? I'm also looking to do a 'semi-conversion' (i.e.: add a pop-up, roof rack, solar panel and limited interior custom fitting-out), so I would be very interested to know about anybody in the UK (or nearby!) who can help me with this (i.e. who can either take the job on or provide guidance for a DIY job)...

I hope to join you all soon with my own 40 series!

A bit about me: Most of my experience has been with driving Land Rovers and 60 and 80 series Land Cruisers (which I much prefer to Land Rovers!) in the Sahara desert. The BJ45 I hope to acquire will be destined for spending a lot of time in the Med and North Africa / Sahara as a logistics/support vehicle on research projects and tours in which I'm involved in that part of the world. Otherwise - vehicle wise - I spend some time giving TLC to my (very needy!!) show winning 1960 austin healey sprite mark 1. I live in Edinburgh, but will travel anywhere!...

Many Thanks,
Farès (aka. 'Redeka')
Hi Fares welcome to the club, you wouldn't possibly be Fares ex ROH would you? I knew some who worked in the House Management office by that name.
Hi Chas? -Yep that's me! great to see you here! How are you doing? are you selling these two cruisers?...
Hi Chas? -Yep that's me! great to see you here! How are you doing? are you selling these two cruisers?...

Everything's fine here, although at the moment I can't do much driving owing to an injured hand after a fall at the HUBBUK show a week ago. No just the petrol 80 is for sale. The Phoenix goes to my grave withme.
Milners Offroad does parts for the car u hope to have and e bay has some as well as Super poly bushes, Jon on here usually can help obtaining genuine parts and Karl.
go to Mud and in the 40 series section there is a lot of info about the 40s ...
don't get me wrong, this is a great site as well.
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Hi Redeka
I have been using OEC (difflock) they used to source parts
from Terrain Tamer (very poor website) products are good though.
OEC have been taken over by Footloose (Peterbrough) so they have become
agents for Terrain Tamer, contact there is Bob, I do hope he comes back to me with prices!!
Tonytoyota posted a link to Sceptre Off Road, USA and Roys creations in France they do
a lot of fibreglass panels (roof) I will post a link to it when I find it.
Here's a link to another one in Europe
A friend of mine runs into Europe quite often, so might be able to arrange something.
If you find any good suppliers please let me Know.
Hi Redeka,
Welcome. You won't find many people in the UK who have 40 series parts because at the time of production import quotas existed and the politics at the time deemed LR worth protecting. Europe had 40s but the UK only had one which belonged to Toyota UK.
Anyway parts; Milners are ok but it depends on the year of your truck, pre-79 and they struggle a bit. Euro 4x4 have a good range, good service and send stuff internationally. have a massive range but they do not accept c/cards from outside the north American continent only IMOs and you may find it more reasonable on shipping to get a US address (try Borderlinx), Similar with Cool Cruisers of Texas (CCOT). nearer to home are Megastore 4x4 based in Portugal, specialising in 40s and ship internationally.
Much depends on what tems you are looking for, as they all seem to have their own specialist areas, so it's always worth asking on here before jumping in.
Why a BJ45? Appreciate that you need the longer body but wouldn't it be worth looking for an HJ47 - more torquey engine and an extra gear in the same body.
The 40 series forum members have had to go through or are going through what you are about to go through, so don't be afraid to ask.

Hi, I own a HJ47 and got most of the parts from they based in Portugal and export world wide,if they don't have in stock they can order it for you.
Hope the info. was useful.