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power steering

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    Power steering noise

    Hi all, in the last few days I've started to get some low level groaning/ whining nose when turning the wheel and it seems to be getting slowly worse each day. I've checked the power steering reservoir and it's not losing fluid (or much at all as I only top it up a few fluids oz. every 3-6...
  2. T

    Steering Starts to make very feeble whining noise - No visual leaks on Power steering fluid

    Hey there all, I own a landcruiser 2009 - GX.R V6. Recently after an off-road trip i started to hear a whining noise every time i turn the steering. At first i thought it was cause the power steering fluid was low, but then i checked the Fluid and the levels where fine. Although, for some...
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    retro fit power steering Hj 45

    Hi all - wondering if anyone has retro fitted power steering into a Hj 45 - ive heard you can fit small Toyota truck power steering units - but need some advice as to what model truck etc, greatly appreciate any advice on issue. Thanks in advance.
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    FOR SALE - Remanufactured Power Steering Pump 90-92 Toyota Land Cruiser

    For Sale Cardone 21-5839 Reman Power Steering Pump 90-92 Toyota Land Cruiser Item condition: Remanufactured - never installed still in box with receipt for core return. $50 core charge included in price Price: US $150.00 Shipping: $15 Item location: Roswell, Georgia, United States | This...