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  1. H

    Alternator change electrical problem.

    Hi guys (and maybe girls)! This is my first post to a forum, so apologies in advance if I have placed this thread in the wrong place. My problem starts with my 100 series Landcruisers alternator holding less voltage than usual; signifying that it needs to change. Everything else was working...
  2. Rhett Gustafson

    BRRRRR From Chiberia!!! (Finally going to tackle my futz'd GPS NAV system)

    Hi there! I have a 2004 Series 100 (232k miles, engine #2) with a NAV system which integrates stereo, climate and NAV. I am madly researching solutions to fix / reman / replace my "GPS-NAV System" computer, which has not worked properly since JUST out of warranty @45k mi. Since I replaced the...
  3. W

    battery and start-up

    Hello all. New to forum, but long time owner of an 80 series 1997 and also 100 series 2006. My 80 doesn't get as much use as the 100 so I've had to jump off the 80 the past few times I've driven it. Once jumped off the 80 runs great (the last time being two days ago.) Today tried to do it...