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  1. Jureb

    Hazard lights switch bulb

    I am looking for a bulb for hazard lights switch. I would prefer a halogen one because I'm worried LED would be too bright. What is this type of bulb called? Does somebody have an oem number? It sure is small.
  2. TimtheTASape

    Random button

    Anyone have an idea what this button does on left of steering column? LJ78 Prado. Cheers
  3. joan

    Driver's side kick panel mystery switch

    Ok so my landcruiser (1996, 80 series) was given to me by my mom, which was given to her by my grandmother. All 225k miles on it have been driven by me and my family. Yesterday I found this switch in it that I cannot for the life of me figure out what it does. It doesn't look or seem to be...
  4. M

    2011 LC - Diff Lock Indicator Flashing

    Hello all ! I tried searching some posts but did not find anything specific for LC200 Models. My issue is i barely drive my LC and just take them out on the weekends as its a family car for outings. Off late i noticed the DIFF LOCK Disengage light on. i obviously tried the pushing of the switch...