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  1. P

    Tire Recommendations

    I am new to this Club so thanks in advance for any help with my question. I have a 2020 Toyota Heritage Land Cruiser for which I am close to needing new tires. I probably spend about 70% of my time on paved surface roads with the remaining 30% off-road. When off-road I am typically driving on...
  2. B

    Running 15" wheels with 33s

    Well, I managed to fit 15" wheels on... I'm not overly proud of how I fit them.. 30mm bolt on spacers did the trick for the brakes! Full disclosure, I'm not 4x4ing with these wheels, I picked them up dirt cheap and thought I'd give it a go for the aesthetics. I need to remove the inner guard...
  3. Y

    New here! Need new wheels and tires.

    Hey everyone, I am new to this group. I bought my dads 1994 Land Cruiser, it has 400k miles but we just rebuilt the engine so it drives smooth. I want to turn it into an overlander/surf truck. I have already sprayed down the inside floor with truck liner and it is sick. What I am trying to do...
  4. Craigus76

    Mx Tyre Size 80 series standard

    Hi Guys. Urgently need to replace my tires as mot coming up and will fail. Would like to put some Coopers on 285/75/16 but am concerned they will catch on the arches as my cruiser is factory standard, no lift or mods. Currently have 275/75/16 on it. Asked Toyota and they say Sorry cant help! :(...
  5. dyladams

    Yokohama M/T 285 / 75 / 16 Tires and Wheels

    Afternoon all. I have a set of Yokohama Mud Tires with aftermarket Alloy wheels for sale. There were on my 80 Series (as per my profile picture). I would say that both the tires and alloys are in good condition with plenty of tread left on the tires. I don't believe that they have any...