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Running 15" wheels with 33s


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Apr 9, 2019
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Well, I managed to fit 15" wheels on... I'm not overly proud of how I fit them..
30mm bolt on spacers did the trick for the brakes!

Full disclosure, I'm not 4x4ing with these wheels, I picked them up dirt cheap and thought I'd give it a go for the aesthetics.

I need to remove the inner guard liner to gain a little more clearance while turning, I'll report back on that tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'd like to hear opinions on the setup.. this has given me an extremely low offset wheel, I'm certain there will be an increased load on the wheel bearings, is this a safe setup for road use? (60mph/100kph tops on sealed roads)

My gut says it's a risk, but I don't know how large that risk may be, looking for advice/thoughts please!


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Its a 50/50 argument over the Spacers.... Some blame spacers for constant bearing fails, Then others have run spacers for years without issue... Look good 'tho'... Other's with bigger brains than mine will advise on gearing issues (if any)..... Good luck
Can only comment on personal experience but both times I've ran spacers on a truck ( hilux and 80s) it's not ended well. Snapped studs and collapsed bearings. Wont run them any more. Had the major wobbles start at 80mph in my 80series. Pulled over to find only 1 nut just holding on fns wheel and 3 sheared off on driver side. That said others have i know of run them for years no. My advice would be to check them very regularly if using them. Just my pennys worth.
I have run them for extended periods on 80's with no issues either with wheelstuds or bearings. That said, now I'd probably shy away unless it was absolutely necessary.
I picked them up dirt cheap and thought I'd give it a go for the aesthetics.

My questions would be how much could dirt cheap end up costing you & is there a big difference for an extra inch in diameter .what about re selling the wheels & buying a set of 16in rims ?
So, whilst they fit I am unable to gain enough clearance for any useful steering. Definitely need a lift, the tires foul on the frame!

I currently have;
Factory 16" wheels
2011 Hilux 17" wheels (These are my daily)
The posted 15" wheels with 33" tires

The spacers argument is definitely 50/50! I'm quite happy to see some responses, as I have said, it's more for aesthetic purposes than anything else. I think I will go back to the drawing board - there are bigger things that require attention before "looking good"!
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