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  1. O

    Auto transmission oil change. High mileage. Never changed before

    So I have my 2003 d4d lc120. 160k on clock. I'm not sure if the transmission oil has ever been changed. Is it still a good idea to change it. As many places say it's not good and some people say it's still worth changing.
  2. S

    A750 (auto) won’t select 5th gear

    Hey there. I have been searching everywhere and can’t find any information on the problem I’m having. I have a 100 fte that I have owned for years that is always serviced and recently it has decided to select 5th gear irregularly and shifting hard sometimes. Once I thought I drove over...
  3. ejk80

    Front Pump for '91 Cruiser A440F

    We are needing to do a lot more repair work than we had anticipated on fixing our transmission...… We are looking for a front pump. Anyone out there able to help or point us in a good direction? TIA
  4. C


    Good evening everybody. I'm looking forward to contributing and getting some help along the way with my 80's series landcruiser
  5. Sammy hart

    327 chev and a five speed hj47

    Gday guys I've just finished the engine rebuild for my hj47 and am looking g to put a 5 speed and transfer case behind it wanting to know what 5 speed is recommended was thinking a 60 series box? Also any help with a handbrake set up will be great to thank you loads guys Sammy in Australia
  6. H

    FJ40 tranny and transfer case

    I have a transmission and transfer case is off a 1973 Landcruiser FJ40 Cruiser. The cruiser fell off a car carrier when being delivered (when brand new) and the roof was crushed. The owner took delivery of the FJ and somewhat repaired the roof. After driving it what we estimate to be well under...
  7. S

    Unknown Contaminant in Radiator

    Hi Everyone, I've got another bit of a puzzle with my Land Cruiser that I'm hoping someone here can help me reason out. A few days ago, I went out to my truck after having a short (15 mile) drive home from work to find a mysterious collection of puddles beneath it. The fluid didn't look like...