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wild camping

  1. Brecht

    Scotland Rally 2024 (Roadtrip) and some camping afterwards!

    My girlfriend and I are planning to participate in the Scotland Rally 2024 with my landcruiser 90 SWB. A fun trip driving 1800km within 6 days Day 1: Calais- Stonehenge Day 2: Stonehenge- Snowdonia Day 3: Snowdonia - Lake District Day 4: Lake District - Edinburgh Day 5: Edinburgh - Isle of...
  2. O

    Summer 2023 - exploring Spain

    Have just booked ferry for Spanish trip this summer. Last year we found the daily grind of doing a 2 week guided tour too much strain on family relations (albeit with an Oztent setup), so we've opted for a gentler approach: stay in a few campsites over two weeks, and explore the area as much as...
  3. Robzimbo

    Nairobi to Meru National Park

    S and I are just back from a wonderful few days in Meru National Park, one of the most remote and unexplored parks in Kenya, the place where George and Joy Adamson ('Born Free' etc) ran their research programmes in the 60's and 70's. We caught the end of the dry season, and the beginning of the...