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Summer 2023 - exploring Spain


Mar 14, 2016
Country Flag
Have just booked ferry for Spanish trip this summer.
Last year we found the daily grind of doing a 2 week guided tour too much strain on family relations (albeit with an Oztent setup), so we've opted for a gentler approach: stay in a few campsites over two weeks, and explore the area as much as possible...

Details are:
Plymouth - Santander - 20th August - depart 16:45 (Pont-Aven)
Bilbao - Portsmouth - 2nd Sept - depart 13:00 (Salamanca)

I have started looking for trails on WikiLoc, and there are enough to keep us busy, whether we go into the mountains, or go left and stay near the (Atlantic) coast...

We will be bringing:
- 80 series
- 2 kids
- 2 bikes
- drones for photography
- and sleeping in a RTT, so will be able to do some wild camping if we can find it...

Is anyone keen to join, for some or all of the dates?

Let me know, as we start looking for campsites...
looks good. I may be heading to the Balkans next month via a big long loop to include Spain/Portugal
Hmm we are heading to France on those very dates with a family of 4 was going to do Spain but didn't want to do the long ferry crossing as we weren't sure what the baby would be like
we had a baby on one ferry crossing, and it wasn't fun ;-(
not the crossing itself, more how the cabins work...

would suggest waiting a bit!