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  1. BRE Fabrications LTD

    DIY Front Winch Bumper Kits

    Hey Guys, I'm going to making myself another winch bumper soon, would anyone ben interested in a DIY weld together kit? (I've posted this on Facebook and seems to have generated one interest, hence I thought I'd check in here). Bumper construction is a combination of 4mm, 6mm & 8mm Mild...
  2. StarCruiser

    Winch ropes and cables…scary

    An excellent demonstration of what happens when anchor points, ropes or cables let go…
  3. StarCruiser

    Advice on synthetic rope fairleads

    In case I actually get round to fitting my winch, I’ve started looking at the parts I’ve accumulated and have noticed the fairlead I have is somewhat shorter in the letterbox department than my winch drum is wide. Specifically it’s around 24 mm shy of each end at around 110mm from the point...
  4. Stu156

    front bumper issues!

    Hi All, So we had a little issue in Austria a few weeks ago when my lovely wife managed to skid down the road and park Leeroy in a cliff face (It was a bit slippery, so not entirely her fault!). Anyway she hit the rock at around 20mph. It has damaged the bullbar, bumper and bonnet (see...
  5. cmcmill01

    Winch bumper question!!

    Folks, I recently picked up the aluminium winches bumper off eBay and it came with a Watn Winch which works but the solenoid box is toast!! Think I saw a recommendation for the Thompson solenoid box so will pick up one of them. Anyway the question, it looks like the winch was attached directly...