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    HZJ80 1995 Window Fix

    Just thought I would share my experience. Fitted a pair of these window regulators to my HZJ80 95. Have had them in now for a couple of weeks and they have been good. My DSF window was stuck for a few months didn’t realise how easy it would...
  2. S

    2005 1HZJ105 high oil pressure gauge, red dirt and window issues

    Hi, am getting lube mobile to change my oil strainer as I believe it is the reason it is giving high oil pressure on the gauge.... is it possible to do this yourself? Also have an issue with the passenger window - it has dropped and wont go up. So i took apart and found out it wasnt the...
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    Refitting Window Wind Deflectors (VX 80 1997)

    I have looked on ToyoDIY for the part numbers to ensure I am making reference to the correct part name. I am unable to find it, and assume that accessories are not on ToyoDIY. These deflectors are rattling, and I would like to reseat them. Having removed the brackets attaching the deflectors...