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won't start

  1. C

    Starting problem

    I have a 1990 land cruiser prado. When I go to start it for the first time it won't start unless I hit it with just a short blast of starter fluid. Once started it will start every time after. Even if I let it set for an hour or so it will start but next morning it wants another shot of starter...
  2. john higginson

    Left standing

    Hello, Wondered if any of you fine folk might be able to shed light on perhaps why my 89 LJ73 refuses to start. With the Covid problems we're all experiencing, it sadly has stood unused since around March time. It always started well, never any problems. The battery is good and showing a full...
  3. C

    Yet another Spill control question

    Hi Guys, I have been enjoying this forum a whole lot, you guys have so much information here that makes life a little easier, thanks to the team for compiling and running it I have a 1kzte - 3.0td 4wd 1995 Granvia, it's more or less a Prado or 90 series Landcruiser. I imported it from Japan...