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100 Series Brake Booster Refurbish

Graeme Power

New Member
Jul 14, 2017
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Hi to the membership, I may be asking a question already covered but I could not find it, my question is, does anyone know a company in Australia, preferably Qld that refurbishes the Brake Booster units on the 100 series Landcruiser, an additional problem is that when I took it to a mechanic he could not recover any codes, The problem (ABS light on and tone from dash) it cleared itself whilst I was driving it to his workshop, people I have talked to won't even look at it without codes? seems odd when all I want is the entire unit refurbished, what have codes got to do with that unless you want to not touch stuff inside you don't have to and that is not a refurbishment in my oppionion, it is a fix whats obvious and give it back with stuff still worn and ready to fail? I see refurbed units from the UK for about $1800.00 without sending a faulty unit to them, should I just order one from there? it must be a growth industry with all the aging Landcruisers out there people want to hang onto like me? any info gratefully received, or to [email protected]