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New To Forum And Have Questions


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Jan 23, 2024
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Hi all

I just converted from Land Rover Discovery 3 to LC Cygnus 4.7 1999 70kms - due to my Disco having suspected crank snap

I’ll use my LC Cygnus for towing 3.5 tonnes nationwide for work purposes in the summer

I wanted to ask some questions to get me started if anyone would be able to help please? I’m hoping this forum is like the LR one and will have enthusiast happy to help people like myself

Am technically minded and did a lot of work on my old car so am confident I can do some DIY to the new LC

Firstly - I can’t see when the timing belt was done so I wonder is it easy to do or should I take it to a Toyota garage? I’ve done a timing belt before on two occasions so if it’s not a hard job I’m sure I can do it. What brand should I go for?

Any other parts I should renew now I’m the new owner to ensure it’s got what it needs?

My car doesn’t have a tow bar - can I get bolt on tow bar kits if so what brand is adequate please and what will be a simple bolt on kit I know will have all the parts needed?

Can these be mapped to improve MPG? As I’ll be towing fully loaded 3.5 tonne trailer and 5 staff nationwide I’d like to save on fuel if possible by mapping

Is there a specific code reader tool people use for Land Cruiser? My LR one was a GAP IID tool so I’d be looking for a similar phone app style decent plug if there is one for LC?

I have no towing electrics wiring - should it be a simple loom to plug near the boot or do in need a full wiring kit from the fuse box please? I need the 7 pin wiring

I’ll start with these and then throw more questions in as I progress

Thank you in advance!


Welcome Chris.

Changing the timing belt on that engine can be DIY, but it's not a simple job, like doing it on the diesel variant for example. We don't generally recommend Toyota dealers for working on the older LC's because they were so low volume compared to all their other models they're often clueless about them. A good independent is a better bet. You'll be able to find a lot of information about changing the timing belt in the 100 series section of the ih8mud forum, which is more petrol engine orientated than here 100-Series Cruisers - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]

Being a NA petrol, there's not much you can do to improve performance or mpg.