120 New Satnav/Radio/Camera Help/Advice (Eonon replacement)

godzilla Aug 6, 2017

  1. godzilla

    godzilla Member I am in scotland

    HI Guys,

    I have a Eonon D5167 system which came fitted along with the original system in my 2005 120 55 plate. I am guessing its a ebay job as I started to look at the specs and get some ideas since now its starting to get error messages on the sat nav (yesterday - like it crashes) and the CD is a little hit and miss.

    I am not sure how old the eonon system is and when it was fitted by the previous owner. I bought the truck Nov 2016.

    The reserve system was a beeper and now its just a single loud reserve beep sound with the distance measuring not even kicking in!

    I am guessing its upgrade time.

    Can anyone suggest another cheapo system that fits the LC4 and similar to the above.

    I read the name pumpkin, I think and other similar systems as above are fine for me (just something cheap).

    Anyone got some ideas for a android system (I guess these will be easier to update the GPS or use google maps or other free apps).

    If any of these can also get a camera added to it, that's a bonus. Dont really want to spend £100s on it.
  2. chapel gate

    chapel gate Well-Known Member Supporter Promoted Company I am in england

    ive had a Chinese double din for 18 months now, reverse cam, sat nav, dvd, cd, hands free, sd card music storage, tv, etc.

    really pleased with it for the money, a branded system must be costing near a grand?

    ok some of the options screens are a bit strange and not exactly intuitive, but everything works as it should.
    i think mine was off amazon, the specs of these things literally change monthly as they are always being upgraded. got my father one this chrismas for his 100 series thinking it was the same as mine. the UI was completely different and even the buttons felt different! mine has the wince 6 operating system, your much better going with the android os as you were thinking, will be just like your smart phone with internet and downloadable maps including memory maps etc.

    quality can be hit and miss, but that's the nature of the beast I'm afraid. keep the receipt!
  3. godzilla

    godzilla Member I am in scotland


    Thanks for that, looks like the one I have is the same, but could be older.

    Do you have your model number and your father's one too?

    I shall look them.up and find the latest android version.

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