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1982 HJ60 roof



I was wondering if anyone has ever had the roof lining out of their old 82
HJ60, and can tell me how the steel part of the roof is constructed. The
edge is slowly rusting through in places just above the gutters and whenever
I have gone in with the angle grinder to cut back to good metal, there is
always a second skin about half an inch or so below. Does anyone know if
the whole roof all the way across is double skinned? Or is this just a box
section around the edge.

I need to do something to the whole roof at some point, either cut off the
whole thing and replace with???? Are there any body mod/roof type kits
available for the vehicle?...or even a complete replacement kit car type
body. I had thought of stripping the complete vehicle and rebuilding
Landrover body work on to it if the body got that bad, but for now it is
just the roof the needs work.