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1HDT Uprated Clutch recommendations


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Oct 7, 2017
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Hi All

I am just about to fit a shinny new GTurbo Grunter to my 100 series 1HDT and I'm thinking it's only a matter of time (possibly not very long) before I will need to get the clutch uprated to cope with the extra torque.

Can anyone recommend a good uprated clutch?

Preferably something I can have sent from South Africa but it would be possible to bring it from the UK to Zimbabwe next time I come out although that will use up a lot of my luggage allowance..
The kit that I bought for my 1 hdft has the clutch plate that came on the 100 series version, must have been an up grade from the former version.

There's an excedy kit which is a fair upgrade up from the one I bought. It comes at a fair price hike also... but that matches the trend of how we are being robbed every time we buy something on a daily basis these days!
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So UniClutch don't do a clutch for a 100 series with a 1HDT.. I wonder if I'm going to have trouble finding a clutch..

Apparently completely different to either the standard 1 HD-FTE or the 80 series with the 1HDT.