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2000 Amazon VX "Bouncy"


Active Member
Sep 13, 2012
Made inquiries today about a 2000 Amazon 4.7 VX that i am interested in.
Got what seems like a fair and honest description of the vehicle. All sounds ok/good, then i was told that, "the jeep is a bit Bouncy".
It appears that the AHC is in perfect working order, it rises and falls depending on what setting you have it at. It stays at the correct setting without dropping/rising at traffic lights etc...
Spheres have been gased up and not leaking etc. Apparently everything is fine except for the fact that it is bouncy/hard to sit in.
Ok when loaded but does not react well to bumps/ramps etc.. too hard.
I something set wrong, is it one to avoid, is it something simple?
Advice/help please.


When was the fluid changed? Maybe set to sport setting which is a stiffer ride? Who did the re-gas? Many other factors involved in ride quality with AHC . There will be someone along with better knowledge on it. If you're bored you can sift through the 100 series forum for more info... Only if you're really bored though!!
How much are they asking? Might be a bargaining point.
Gassed up ??? Sounds suspicious. If the heights are OK, it's likely to be either flat or overpressurized spheres; or that the Neutral Pressure is wrong (which indicates something wrong with steel springs)