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3rd row of seats



I have a 3rd row of seats, and I have been having trouble recently with
one side not engaging properly with the mounting points on the floor
when I let it down.

I did some investigation last weekend and discovered that the steel bar
which makes the locking mechanism rotate out as you let the seat down
was bent, meaning that the latches were not in the right place with the
seat in the sitting position. Looking at it I thought "there's no way
I'm strong enough to bend that back", but I gave it a go anyway and
discovered that it is really mild steel and easy to bend.

So ... if you are having problems getting your 3rd row seats to latch
into position take a look from behind when they are down, and it the
latch is not vertical you'll find you can bend that bar easily to adjust
its length and make it so.

Sorry if this is a bit trivial, but since those latches take the load
from the seat-belts I get a bit nervous if I think they are not engaged

Christopher Bell
Devon, UK
1996 1HD-FT
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