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70 series mats and covers.



Hi All,
First off hello everyone on the list as it's my first post.
I am a proud owner of a KZJ70(1995) with Old Man Emu shocks just fitted. A
friend of mine also has an LJ70(1991), does anyone know if the original seat
covers/floor mats are still available and if so what the part numbers are or
know where to purchase them?
Also slightly off topic is there another cruiser bash coming shortly :)?
Two More owners who would like to attend :).
Kind Regards
Martin Naylor
Martin Naylor a ?crit :
I have 2 70 series front floor mats in OK shape I would just give away
since they are RHD and I have little use for them. I'll have a look at
how clean they are. Anyway since I flooded the LJ at salisbury last nov.
I'm convinced that tearing the mats away was the right thing to do :o))
Welcome to the list
Hi Dennis,
The only reason why I wanted car mats was that someone decided to spill some
milk in the cruiser after a weekend out, I spent the next two days cleaning
the car out as it smelt absolutely terrible :-( hehe. I used multi purpose
dettol in the end which seemed to do the trick after using half of a bottle
of the stuff, it was only a 2-3 inch patch on the carpet (in the back).
Maybe I should wash it at Salisbury plains ;-), best get that snorkel fitted
I guess?
Any recommendations?
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Hi Martin,
Welcome to the list, good to see one or two new faces joining over the last
couple of weeks.
Out of interest, how did you hear of us?
I'll be organising another trip to Salisbury Plain for some time in early
November, it will be good to see some new faces.
Julian Voelcker
Mobile: 07971 540362
Skype: julianvoelcker
Cirencester, United Kingdom
1994 HDJ80, 2.5" OME Lift
Martin Naylor a ?crit :
I have none on mine and it hasn't really been a problem so far. The late
model 70 series breathe through the inner fender which is a reasonably
safe place, and a common upgrade on early models like mine. You would
need a very high water level to make the engine drink some. Anyway a
good snorkel recommendation would be the AAI "B.I.T." one which is made
of strong materials, flows good and fits well.
Hi Julian,
I found ELCO on the web via a forum and someone else post, I believe; sorry
cannot remember the exact place.
Look forward to seeing you in November.
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Thanks for information on the 70 series they are so confusing :). I will
take a look at the snorkel.
Btw - thanks for the offer of the car mats, I have a friend at Toyota who
says he can get a set for me which I have spoken to earlier.
Thanks again.