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For Sale: Extensively prepared Land Cruiser 80 4.2 (1HD-T) VX Manual


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Mar 28, 2010
Land Cruiser 80 4.2 (1HD-T) VX Manual
Extensively prepared and upgraded

The base vehicle is a UK spec 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ80 VX with manual transmission, three diff-locks and the 12 valve 1HD-T diesel engine. As an early model it benefits (in terms of simplicity/reliability) from no ABS and no airbags. I have owned the truck since 2009 and have driven approx 27,000 miles. It has been serviced annually (starting when I first bought it) using OEM filters and Toyota oil. Current mileage is 160,000.

General Condition
The chassis is solid with no major rust. The whole underside was treated with Waxoil and Dinitrol in 2009 and in 2015 the rear part of the chassis and body underside was rubbed down and painted with POR-15 and Hammerite Stone Chip Guard. There are some areas of body rust: in both rear arches where the arch meets the body and where the sill meets the arch. This has all been rubbed down, treated with rust converter (Dinitrol) and painted with Hammerite Stone Chip Guard. There is a small rust hole in the font off-side wheel arch/inner wing and the common area of rust above the rear window wiper.
The paintwork is a little scratched from green-laning (by trees etc). There is no significant panel damage anywhere. However, the near-side rear arch is scraped (see photos below), though this can easily be replaced. There is a towbar with electrics that are fully working. The sunroof and all internal electrics work perfectly. The windscreen has been resealed to address the relatively common fault of leaking. The rear bumper has been removed ready for a wheel carrier - I can replace this if needed. The side steps have also been removed and can replaced if required.
The interior is cloth and in good overall condition for the age of the vehicle. The driver’s seat has a small tear in the fabric and the driver’s door storage pocket has come away from the door card. Other than that it is good condition. The rearmost seats and seat-belts have been removed but will be supplied.

Upgrades / Preparatory Work
It has had a HUGE amount of preparatory work done which is listed below. All the major work has been carried out by either Overland Cruisers or Land Cruisers Overland. I have receipts for every major cost and have kept a detailed log/spreadsheet of all the work that has been done, when it was done and what it cost. This can be supplied with the truck though it is mostly detailed below.

New timing belt at 134,000
Injectors refurbished
Airtec snorkel
Pro-Speed turbo back 3” stainless straight through exhaust
New OEM governor cover gasket (fuel pump)
Fuel pump fully rebuilt by RVS Swindon
New fuel hoses
Fuel tank pick-up filter removed and cleaned
New OEM fuel breather valve

New OEM radiator
Cooling system flushed and replaced with Toyota red coolant
New OEM thermostat
Digital engine temperature gauge

Replacement manual gearbox from a 96 LC80 with approx 80k – gear selection is smooth and precise (replaced due to original box dropping out of 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] and reverse gear – a known issue with some manuals)
New heavy duty clutch fitted at same time as the gearbox
Toyota fully synthetic 75w-90 oil in gearbox and transfer
Both transfer output seals and bearings replaced with OEM
Gearbox, transfer and centre diff-lock breathers routed up alongside snorkel
Centre diff-lock made selectable in high and low range
Custom transfer bash plate (underbody protection)

Front axle fully rebuilt with all OEM bearings, seals, and genuine OEM CVs (including new swivel housing and hub seals, swivel bearings etc) - Later, longer CVs and flange fitted
Rear axle all seals and bearings replaced with OEM.
New diff oil front and rear – last changed June 2015
Both diff-pinion seals replaced with OEM
New OEM rear diff-lock actuator
Both axle and diff-lock breathers routed up alongside snorkel
New OEM rear wheel studs

Old Man Emu 2.5” suspension lift with heavy duty springs and long-travel shocks on the rear
Replacement Milner bumpstops
SupaPro castor correction bushes
Full SupaPro Poly bush replacement (except anti-roll bar bushes = OEM and Milner)

Old Man Emu steering dampener
Gwyn Lewis Heavy duty stainless Sumo steering bars
New track rod ends

Upgraded front and rear brakes to bigger post 08/1992 brakes (non-ABS)
Refurbished front calipers, one rebuilt and one brand new OEM replacement rear caliper
Grooved discs front and rear
100 series pads on front
Braided (extended) brake hoses front and rear
Full brake system flush and fluid replaced with dot 5.1
Handbrake fully rebuilt with all OEM parts - new handbrake shoes, springs etc and cable (it works!)

5x steel modular wheels 16x8
5x 285/75/16 Maxxis Buckshot Mudders with 80% tread

Electrics: (leisure set-up is totally isolated from starting batteries)
2x 125ah leisure batteries in custom box in boot (250ah total auxiliary power)
Sterling BB1250 50watt battery to battery charger (mounted in boot)
Digital volt meters for engine (in front) and leisure batteries (in boot)
2x 12v Hella sockets and 1x 12v normal socket in boot
500watt pure sine inverter with a double 240volt safety fused socket in boot
Extra fuse board in boot for leisure set-up
3 extra 12v sockets in front – all individually fused
Alternator serviced

ARB winch bumper
12500lb winch with 100ft Dyneema rope
2” body lift
4x Thule roof bars with locks
Custom ‘ARB’ copy full length roof rack. Powder-coated black with polycarb windbreak
Fuel filler cap serviced so vents properly
Heated mirrors - wired into the rear demister


Alpine head unit with Bluetooth
LED interior lights
Boot LED light strip, wired into interior lighting circuit and separately switched
Custom load guard – fully separates boot from rest of vehicle
Custom built wooden shelving system made out of 18mm marine ply – easily removable. Designed around Really Useful Boxes - can accommodate 9x21 litre boxes and 2x50 litres boxes
Fridge slide (160kg locking slide) incorporated into shelving system designed to accommodate a Waeco CF50 fridge - included
All seats supplied – can be re-fitted

All new OEM window rubbers (except rear sliding windows) – windows all work perfectly Security film on all windows (transferable lifetime guarantee). Rears are full limo tint See for demonstration of security film.

Not relevant to pricing I know but gives a good idea of the volume of parts replaced and work completed. The total build cost to date excluding the original purchase and minus all consumables such as servicing, MOTs, replacement tyres etc., is £12,198 on parts (of which many were sourced cheaply via club discounts and shipping from abroad) and £5,494 on labour. This gives a total spend of £17,692. This does not include the roof-tent or fridge. There are also an additional £450+ of new and used spares as detailed below. Genuine receipts can be provided to support all the quoted costs.

Extras - Included in the Sale
Camping Gear:
Howling Moon 1.4 Roof-Tent – very well used but is still totally functional and waterproof (The cover does however leak and could do with replacing)
Waeco CF50 fridge in full working order
2 headlights
Various new nuts and bolts
2 new alternator belts
Front and rear UJs OEM
Wheel bearings – front/rear inner and outer OEM
Second hand LSPV
Thermostat and gasket OEM
Rear drop links and bushes OEM
Steering seal OEM
Original radiator hoses (used)
Milners CV - done approx 10,000 miles
Various front axle gaskets and seals
Longfield swivel seal
Full set of Milners ceramic brake pads
*There are also various other spares of which I have forgotten!

This truck is ready to drive away now and is fully prepared to complete a big overland trip and/or be used as a reliable everyday vehicle. In my ownership it has completed 4 trips in Europe including many offroad routes as well as numerous shorter camping trips, green-laning trips and pay-and-play days all without incident. The suspension articulates as it should, the diff-locks all work, the gear change is good and the engine is smooth and responsive. The pump was mildly tweaked once rebuilt to improve spool-up and hold speed on inclines better – it will now hold 70mph fully loaded up a hill without issue. It is in excellent mechanical order with no leaks, no knocks, no rattles and everything in perfect working order. Mechanically there is nothing the truck has wanted for or that needs doing. It will be supplied with 12 months MOT and has just been serviced.

Photos now added - see below

Price is £10,500 ono

*Larry's rules apply. However, constructive feedback from forum members regarding the advert, pricing etc is welcomed.
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Good luck with the sale Lorin, lets hope you find a buyer sooner rather than later. I know the truck and its a good one.
When its gone your search will start all over again.
Cheers Andy :thumbup: I'm actually slightly ahead of myself already - the search has started!
Good Luck Lorin very good advert people could learn alot from how you wrote the advert
On reading that i think i would take a chance on offering £10,499 :lol: if i was in the market for an 80 of course , good luck with the sale .
Wow, what an ad, did you attend an advert writing course? many people could learn from this, best of luck with your sale Lorin.
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Cheers Andy :thumbup: I'm actually slightly ahead of myself already - the search has started!

You haven't bought one yet have you? Not that nice blue one that I've been watching and drooling over for the last month or so?


Scuffed wheel arch

Engine bay


Chassis is prepared for wheel carrier


Boot showing leisure electrics

Sterling battery to battery charger mounted on load guard

Shelving system with fridge slide

With boxes* and fridge in situ

LED light strip in boot lid

*Awning and boxes not included


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Just went straight through the MOT with no advisories :dance:

And I just got an email from Total Offroad Magazine offering to advertise it for free :icon-biggrin:
Why you selling matey?

Few reasons..... The 80 has always been a third vehicle just used for leisure. I want to reduce to two cars so am looking at getting a 100 to cover both bases of being my every day vehicle and our 'overlander'. The main reason however is that I just fancy a change - I would like an auto and I want to do a new build.
Little comment if I may.

The first thing that stood out was the scuffed wheel arch.

1) Sort out the wheel arch in some way.
2) Then would have cleaned the tyres, and put some blackening on them.
3) Then perhaps a trip to the jet wash, to rid some the engine dirt / dust.

Superficial but just am opinion to make it "look" better
Well done on the sale :thumbup: Hope you got what you needed for it. Is it staying in the club?
Hope you got a good price for it Lorin many a time i have resisted posting questions about squeezing more power out of the 12 valve while having your truck in mind .
Just drove home with this yesterday. First Landcruiser and very excited for it.

Lorin - thanks for being so helpful throughout and see you in a few weeks to pick up the remaining bits when they find their way back from Spain!