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80 Aftermarket part info



Again, for those who may be interested.....
When I asked the group if there was a make of water pump I should NOT buy,
there was no negative response. So I went ahead and got one off the shelf
from my small local importer of aftermarket parts. I was amazed he had one
on the shelf, but he also stocks 92 different types of brake pads so I
guess I should not have been.
The pump is branded 'SIL' - 'Industrie Saleri Italo' and the label
description is -
'PA 1152, Toyota Landcruiser 4200 diesel etc. 1610019235' There are also
3 ISO standard seals printed on the box too.
Apart from the gasket it was also supplied with a pack of 4 replacement
studs for the fan mounting.
Although an Italian company there was a further ID cast into the pump -
' 02 X - GMB Japan'. - Interesting !
Cost - 60 quid, which compared with Milners delivered in UK and VAT added,
is about a fiver cheaper. (Obviously vastly more expensive if sent out here
to me direct).
It was also time to replace my front discs as I am sure they are the
originals and the shimmy was getting greater and they were definitely
beyond the 2mm wear limit. So once again my man had various styles of
replacement for the TLC on the shelf. This time he had Italian made
'Brembo' discs. Mine are the 286mm X 25mm version - they are a smaller
diameter of the two different variants fitted to the model 80 after 1990, I
think the other is 310mm X 32mm. The box label reads thus -
Brembo. 09.5866.10 - applicable to Toyota, 43512-60050
(The latter being the Toy parts number)
Cost - 103 quid which would be about 25 more than Milner's in UK.
All bits are fitted and the 80 is running well.
I can't get well made wiper blades in this place but can get pumps and discs !
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia - pictures of parts were taken for anyone
sadly interested !


wheel, tyres

Hi Guys
Hope you all had a happy and safe Christmas.
I was in the motor factors the other day to get some diesel treatment, they
only have STP injector cleaner. I said that I would hunt around for some
good stuff after all the advice I got. Guess what the three places I tried
only do the same stuff STP. So I said that I will wait and see.
While I was there I saw a lovely set of wheels in shiny chrome, they called
to me buy us ,buy us, you know you want to. I dident because a little voice
in my head said, no dont untill you relly think about it. The guy in the
shop said they would fit and I would get tyres no problem at all.
At the moment I have 265x70x15 on the cruiser, the original wheels and they
are getting a bit shabby. The wheels that are calling to me are 17inch they
have 18 inch aswell. I know the new 100 has 17 or 18 inch wheels and the
tyres on them look like they have rubber. I would have to buy 5 altogether
because of the spare wheel aswell if I was to buy them at all.
Will a 17 or 18 inch wheel fit both the cruiser and where the spare is kept
Will the bigger wheels cause any problems at all.
Will the new wheels scrach, dent, or chip, I have never had chrome wheels so
I dont know.
I heard some where that bigger wheels will affect the speedo and I will not
know what speed I am reallty doing, because the speedo will tell me one
thing and the speed camera will tell me another, is there any thing in this.
Are spacers a good idea for the axels , I think it would look good with a
wider wheel base. Has any one any comments on these issues because it could
not be as simple as buying new wheels for the cruiser with out a big problem
some where after all it is my cruiser , it cant be that simple can it.
john c
92 HDJ 80 1HD-T Auto Ireland