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80 Brakes n bearings



(So, you can tell its a wet Sunday here in Sarajevo !)
First the brakes. I suffer like all other 80 owners in that the front left
caliper loosens its bolts. We all know about it and it is routine to keep a
check on them, more so for me in the rocky terrain I travel on. But again
this week I was caught out and one got loose again. I wonder if left hand
threads would have been better? So what do you all do to keep them tight?
And is red loctite a good idea even though at times we have to remove the
caliper - will it ruin the threads or stretch the bolts when they are
undone? I can only see that wiring is the only alternative except that you
can't do it with the Toy bolts as they have a depression in the head and
you have to use a replacement bolt for drilling.
Second - brake seals. My front calipers have 4 pistons but with one circuit
supplied by a banjo bolt fitting. Apart from my non European HZ engine, all
the other bits seem common to the chassis and transmissions that the rest
of you 80 VX GX or whatever owners have. So no really great problems
getting parts from Milner (remember I have a poor spares supply here). So
what about their caliper repair kit - 005005 - would it fit my calipers?
Their master cylinder did, the brake hoses did (they are OEM) and their
handbrake cable did. I ask cos I have a chance to get some delivered by a
visitor from UK.
Third the bearings. For those interested (Roman?), I got a couple of rear
propshaft UJ's from Milners (great fun bringing those through the X-Ray in
Belgrade! - they were fully unpacked and inspected). One was needed and
the other is spare. They supplied a 'Toyo GUT-20' which comes complete with
grease nipple thankfully. It was a struggle but it went in OK in about an
hour and a quarter. So far so good, I know only time will tell, but at 10
quid plus VAT and a share of the carriage with other bits in the order, the
price is right. I have used Toyo bearings on other equipment and they
always seemed as good as any other make I have used.
TIA for your help - cheers
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia