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[80 cruiser on e-bay] leather seats



I 've some of the 80scool guys getting leather seats redo by an aircraft
seat manf.
Seemed quite cheap.
I'm sure if hunt around u should be able to fine someone to redo your seats
in leather.
Finding a wrecked one would be better but then it needs to be covered
otherwise the interior often gets wet, soggy etc.
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Hi Guys
I bet you that this cruiser is already gone to heaven in pieces, there wont
be any dust settling on this machine. And he will only let you take things
off his hands if you collect, suppose that leaves me out in the cold but not
snow yet.If I saw one over here I would have a look at bits, I fancy leather
seats as mine only has the cloth ones, not as nice. Sure thats life.
John C
92HDJ 80 !HD-T Ireland


[80 cruiser on e-bay] leather seats [CHAT]

Hi Lal
I think the leather seats have a different foam or under support or some
thing because they feel different than the cloth ones. I would also say the
cost would be mad over here like every thing here. I will stick to dreaming
about sheep seat covers and will get them maybe hopfully in the near future.
I think the next thing on the list will be a wine trip to France to fill the
cruiser with enough to last a good while. To do this we have to leave on the
friday morning, drive four hours and board the ship, arrive in France on the
Saturday afternoon spent three hours in france ,stock up with wine ,back on
the ship for the next 18 hours and then arrive back in Ireland on the Sunday
afternoon and a four hour drive home, all for to get cheap wine. You guys in
the UK have it so easy, a simple strole acrose the channel and your there.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HD-T Ireland
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