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80 series load guard


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Mar 1, 2010
Im looking for a load guard as i am not keen on buying the frog island one, too many £££ for what is worth. anyway it needs to fit an 80, preferably a bolt on solution and it needs to be SAFE! there will be allot of kit in the back of my 80 when overlanding and i would like it to stay there during a mishap so a cheap dog guard will not do.
a LR discovery genuine dog guard works well if you have a raised bed- mine cost £20, with another £30 in brackets and bits and bobs- its as strong as you'll ever need- i can happily swing my 24 stone off it without it flexing!
I do have what i believe to be a discovery load guard loose against the back seats but as you said its not tall enough if you haven't got any drawers. I am in the process of getting one built so i should have a decent one.
Thanks for the link nick, but i am looking for something strong enough that you would be able to stand on it, possibly jump on it so it needs to be bolted into place.

I am getting one custom made so i think my search is over.
Rob, the man building my back bumper is looking into (well been talked into) making some LC 80 bits. Along with the rear bumper (with wheel carrier for mine) he is looking at rock sliders, load guard and a winch bumper. But he has lots of work on right now, so there is no time scale. But seeing as he has people wanted them, they might come quicker!!

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