80 series wheel carrier

Andy Walker

Mar 6, 2010
I was trying to find a suitable wheelcarrier for the rear of my 1995 80 series landcruiser.
The ones that direct 4x4 sell look ok - but needs the inside of the body strengthening and I understand it's double skinned so may prove difficult to do.
Then I saw item number 360124518413 on Ebay (just for an example) and I was wondering if I could get the swivel part from somewhere and make up the rest of the frame as it looks like quite a simple construction once I get the swivel part welded onto the rear bumper - YES - it's 5mm steel, so should take the weight..... Does anyone know where I could get one from - and could I weld to it with it having bearings inside.......that is, if it does have bearings in......... :idea: :idea: :idea: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


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Mar 15, 2010
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Try http://www.4x4-r-us.com/ they seem to be a father and son set-up, they were open to suggestions when I wanted the receiver hitch mounted within the bumper instead of below, but I'm not sure if they will supply parts as they market a complete replacement of rear bumper with wheel carrier of their own, £950 squids though. I bought one of theirs a couple of years ago and it's been very good. The spindle broke after taking a tumble over a dune in Morocco, but they replaced it with a reinforced one without any quibble.