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97 KZJ95 3.0 TD Colorado - Fuel Cut Off Solenoid Valve not functioning

If injectors are spitting fuel , compression is good , and your air intake not blocked . Then the only thing that i can imagine would prevent the truck from starting is the immobilizer security .

Search the forum for TVSS i think its called and you might find a way to reset it .

The forums search function is not great , Personally i find it much quicker to type into google search TVSS Aftasdf\

After additional troubleshooting, the mechanics think it might be the ECU. They're going to retest today. Several months ago I replaced the ignition cylinder and switch. I've read about the keys being tied to the ECU, but I'm fairly certain that I don't have keys that have a transponder in them. How would I know? I also don't believe I have a VSS, no key fob. Again, how would I know? Thanks!
I know bugger all about the security but I think central locking has been a standard feature since before the 90 series and its paired with its own ecu , i think ?.

My 97 KZJ90 came with a separate fob and the Mrs 2001 KDJ90 has buttons on the key .

I'm guessing and trying to remember past events , but I think only the original master key doesn't trigger the alarm when the fob battery is dead .

There is a process on here somewhere for programming replacement keys though i don't know what it is - turn key in door 5 times then 20 times in ignition - along those lines no geek stuff .
Found a pic of my keys while searching the forum for clues


Though I've never had to mess with mine I've seen the security module but can't think where , in the dash behind radio possibly . That said I've seen everything behind the dash while searching for an unrelated problem so it could be behind the glove compartment ?
I've got an '02 Colie D4D LWB version and had to do this some time back. There is two sets of programming: 1- Programming the key buttons (lock/unlock) and 2- Programming the immobilizer

I could'nt get a key with the right shaped blade and since my only original was already bent I ordered one from MrT (£160) and programmed it myself... Wel got it working perfectly after the fith attempt...

This worked for my (KDJ95)
1.) All doors closed - no key in ignition
2.) Insert MASTER key
3.) Turn key from LOCK to ON five times (x5 and end on ON)
4.) Open & close the driver's door six times (x6)
5.) Remove Master key
6.) Insert New key and wait 60-70 seconds
7.) Remove New key
8.) Open & Close driver's door to End


1.) Turn Key off..remove key from switch and open drivers door.

2.) Insert key into ignition switch and remove (don't turn it)

3.) Lock & unlock power door locks from drivers door switch 5 times @ 1 second intervals.

4.) close & open drivers door

5.) Lock & unlock power door locks from drivers door switch 5 times @ 1 second intervals

6.) Insert Key into ignition switch and turn from lock to on twice and remove key

7.) Door Locks will cycle automatically from lock to unlock twice to confirm program mode has been entered.

8.) Take the original remote, BRIEFLY press the unlock and lock buttons simultaniously... and release...then press the lock button and release...If successful the system will cycle the locks from lock to unlock... (Repeat step 8.) for replacement key)

Important-You need to repeat step 8 for each remote you want programmed..when all your remotes are programmed moved to step 9

9.) Insert ignition key and remove to exit programming mode..