ABS woes



Hi All
So julian, Toyo have discovered that it was the nearside sensor that was
damaged/broken/ignoring signals etc... It will cost ?300+vat + ?120 to fit
the new sensors and the wiring loom. Passed MOT with advisory that the
handbrake is not stopping the car quickly enough??? Admitted that they use
a roller to test the handbrake which is as far as I know a major no no for
perm 4x4s???? Strange the handbrake works for me but they want to pull the
rear brakes and have a look = ????. Exhaust rear box is rubbing on the body
but as Gary in Toyo said a crowbar will fix that!!!! Missed the corroding
brake pipes, the gaping hole in the exhaust that I covered with a split beer
can and jubilee clips a la Julian, the thin rear disks and pads and the fact
that the steering can be a bit wobbly at times. He did say that the near
side shock was leaking oil and I told him it had for the last 5 years and
had always passed MOT by wiping it off before the test. Will order new
shocks on my return though as I think this is why I get funny noises from
that side when running things over.
By the by I will keep the sensors and the loom and will bench test them and
bet that it is a damaged wire rather than the actual sensor. If this is the
case then I will be putting the lot on E-bay to re coop my money.
Simon Hughes


Hi Simon
Something to consider is that the first time I read the diagnostic
codes from the ABS they pointed to the ABS computer itself after
disassemble and reassemble of the sensors the error code pointed to
the sensor. My point is if Toyota is saying that the problem is a
sensor based on diagnostic codes, they don't seam very reliable to me.
BTW until recently my rear diff lock light on the dash kept blinking,
even with the front diff light solid. After paying some electrician
hours it came out that the return signal wire had a cut. So if you are
good with a multimeter it might worth to do some checking.
Best of luck. Keep us posted
94 1HD-T Portugal


Hi J
Good point and I did play around with the multi meter but when I spoke to an
ABS man (non toyo so no axe to grind on my wallet) he said that the ABS
system is horribly sensitive to resistance in the loom etc and he would
never ever recommend splicing in new connectors, wires, etc. I guess this is
why Toyo sell the whole lot in one kit. As ABS is a safety device and may
save your life in an accident situation I felt it best to stop messing with
it and give it to the pros to sort!!!
Sorry mr Bell but as I drive a elderly 80 I can't advise but I am sure you
are aware of the 80scool forum which has lots of info. Good luck and by the
way the planned trip sounds awesome.
Simon Hughes
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