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acetone & radio + aerial



Industrial grade acetone (as in, not refined to clinical standards)
is used as solvent for polyester resin used in fibreglass - cleaning
tools etc. So any shop using fibreglass would possibly be willing to
flog the odd 5 litres. Find someone who makes pond liners - small
business/owner-manager/likes cash in hand.
Its also used as a solvent for extracting organic compounds from
vegetable matter, so find a works producing natural vitamins, plant
extracts etc. they do exist, I used to supply one such business and
they supplied me with it for my fibreglassing on a cruiser !
Radio - Jeremy. But its very frustrating finding the car trashed,
radio removed and thrown on the ground smashed, yet the
lift-off control panel was in my pocket at home all the time. The
pull-out radio albeit old-fashioned, is very visibly not there
! And its not so easy to hide in the car under the seats thus
tempting a break-in. Or alternatively they would be of such low value
they could be stolen with little loss even if hidden in the car, and
they won't smash the dashboard in the process and break the fittings
which will hold the replacement radio back into the dash.
Aerial - I had a stick-on rigid stick printed circuit type aerial in
my 4 Runner, by choice - again the yob problem. It wasn't bad but a
poor installation by an 'expert' may have caused a lot of the bacon
frying I got. It also - I thought - tended to be a tad directional
which is not good in mountains. But there again, driving in mountains
you get very limited reception anyway. In my 80 I have a rubber ducky
type and the stalk was stolen after a few weeks in a supermarket car
park, and you can't get a replacement unless you live in a civilised
country. It wasn't replaced and then the radio was stolen.
Now I am trying to get one back in the car I wonder what should I
do? Its a choice of an electric retracting one, but its expensive
and another gismo to go wrong. Or shall I buy another stick-on aerial
to go behind the rear view mirror? Or is there a better stick-on
type that can be used. Those aerials by the way, have a separate
braided earth cable that locates under a screw holding the rearview
mirror. Therefore a good earth on 'clean' steel - no mud etc.
By the way Clive, Halfords have a universal DIN fitting kit with a
cubby included, but not with a frame to hold the radio. Is that what
you were talking about please?
Thanks all.
Grand Union Canal
HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia