My aircon isn't very efficient - it seems to only do the job when it's
not too hot. On the couple of days when it was over 25 C it was pretty
I have a 1991 HDJ81, i.e. Jap import.
I was wondering in other people's experience is it likely to just need a
service and re-gas? I had heard rumours that old units need a lot of
work when serviced as recent regulations no longer allow the use of the
original gas so lots of seals need changing to work with modern gases.
Any ideas how much it's likely to cost?


I have just had mine gassed. The gas runs out after a few years, without
there being any leaks. The older gas was Freon (R12), the newer one is
R134a. The newer gas leaks out faster than the old, so mine is just 6 years
and needed re-gassing. If you have freon the fittings and seals are
different for 134a. You can still get Freon but it is very expensive. All is
not lost however, there is a 'drop in' gas that can be used with freon
systems without modification, it is also cheaper. I think that this gas is
R416. Mine was done, with R134a, leak tested (this is a legal requirement I
believe), oiled up and injected with a dye to spot future leaks for the
grand sum of ?60 (I don't care for reciepts anyway).
Regards, Clive.
Further Info:


Hi Ian,
Originally it would have had the old R12 Freon gas (?), But this isn't
Ozone friendly. If it still has it, it will have to be replaced with the
newer R134A (about 30oz) and the receiver will need to be replaced.
Look for a label, usually on the receiver, which should be behind the
bumper on the bottom RHS (looking from the front) of the radiator.
A mobile a/c engineer should be able to do the job for you, but you will
need to advise them of the vehicle make, model, etc. I'm not sure if the
receivers are vehicle specific, if they are, you may find it cheaper to
source yourself - do you have a parts CD? If not I could look it up for
Also, if it isn't working that well, you may well have a leak, so they
will need to charge the system with a dye to locate the leak.
I did find a very helpful firm just south of Gloucester who were cheaper
than the mobile units that I called to quote - I need to dig the number
out for Jon, let me know if you need it.
I can't remember exactly, but seem to recall that the recharge fee was
around ?75.
Julian Voelcker
[Email address removed]
Mobile: 07971 540362
Cirencester, United Kingdom
80less at the moment - Roll on June!
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