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Rear aircon block off

tony rodaway

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Aug 28, 2016
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Hello guys I was told my rear aircon was my problem for no aircon.
I got told to block it off and will stop the leak.
Has anyone done this and were did you block from front or rear.
What parts did you use to block it with.?
We're did you get the parts from.?
Do the parts still work and would you recommend.
I have fitted a new condenser in the front. £118
I have fitted a new aircon compressor at a cost of £325 oem part.
But still leaks after 3 refills and still no aircon.
I will do the block off as found a block off kit on ebay but just want some input save wasting more money.

Thanks guys.


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I guess someone has actually identified the leak ? And not just guessing it's the gas pipe from front to back ?
Tony, I found that type of block off kit on ebay, item 404775805289 - sorry no link, and there is a generic picture that may give you a clue as to where it goes.
I guess someone has actually identified the leak ? And not just guessing it's the gas pipe from front to back ?
Yes been told its the rear condenser seals an apparently only last around 5yrs from installation.
My aircon works well when regased but only lasts around 4 weeks and gone again
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Mine was leaking pipework, all pipework to the rear has been replaced with rubber hoses, decided to get it fixed and keep the rear section cooled for the dogs, yeah i know soft old bugger, daren't say how much that all cost.
They earned it mind, i've sprayed the underbelly with various rustproofing products every year, apparently the bloke they gave the job to could be heard cursing and questioning my parenthood for most of the day.
I saw an advertisement for the block off caps just this last weekend for this very same subject.......... they look very handy to shut off a rear system and retain the rest of the front AC....

But caution when buying as the fitting's vary in size and connection..
Does any one no what size pipe it is going to the rear.?
Does any one no if a plastic push fit compression will fit and stay on.?
Has anyone tried this method as I got told it will work.?
I got told not to use metal compression fits as the olives leak.
Are both the pipes leading to the rear both the same size.

Sorry for the waffle on just thought u guys would no
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Don't know why the olives should leak on metal/brass compression fittings if correctly fitted, the pipe ends must be clean and straight, and people tend to overtighten them crushing/deforming olive/pipe. They use them on brake lines where they are even more critical.
No idea if you can get push fit the size you want - they dont involve spanners (obviously) but again if not assembled/fitted properly, can blow off.
Has anyone done this block off and any pictures were to cut the rear pipes and how to identify the correct ones to cut.
Had a very warm day today so maybe hotter days to come so want to be prepared.