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Albania July-August 2019


Jul 29, 2018
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Hello .
I am planning a trip in Albania for the next summer , any time in July or August. Looking for travelling mates. The more the merrier as they say.. :)

Why Albania ?
Well it is still one of the few places in Europe where Western civilisation did not penetrate yet, that means a lot of offroading is still possible, and the camping aspect is still almost completely unregulated, meaning you can pretty much camp anyware, as long as you have permission from the land owner if it is private land, you can fire up a BBQ, you can even camp straight on the beach.
The second reason, is that from what I could gather, it is extremely beautiful, similar with Croatia, but at half price. :) . There will be no need for a visa if you are from EU, and the standard insurance should cover you in Albania as well.
This is will be the approximate route. I did the same thing in 2018 in Spain, using the same app ,a Pirinei offroad tour, at the time I had a Subaru Forester.
Of course, the route is not set in stone, but it is a good starting point I guess.
Perhaps more would like to join.
I plan on taking my Landcruiser J120, the wife and the kid, with a roof top tent and 40l fridge with a camping battery. My cruiser is bone stock except some Yokohama AT tyres, and what it looks like a factory steel engine shield, and I have some stuff for recovery like some shackles, ropes, and couple of Maxtraxx boards, air compressor, a 8t bottle jack etc... But since this will not involve extreme off roading but only forest roads, it should be fine.
The whole thing should take aprox 2 weeks, or can be shorter , not counting the time to actually get there .
I am pretty flexible with my holiday a s long as it is in July or august.
If you are interested PM me or post here
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