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Hi Guys
I was just thinking, (its getting easier to do all the time), but what kind
of altenator fits the cruiser.
Does it have to be a particular type, like wattage, brand name, strenght,
Will other types do or what is the best.
I know but I have to know and I know one of you know in detail.
This is my little bit of info I need to digest at the moment, but what is
the purpose of the altenator and what does it do.
I know the starter starts the cruiser with power from the batteries and they
are not used again while the engine is running. So im guessing the altenator
powers the cruiser after that. Ah I know im wrong somewhere along the line
but as usaul please correct me.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT rep of Ireland


You are right, the alternator powers the electrics when the
engine is running, it also re-charges the battery.
The type of alternator is only important for two things. The
first is the voltage, it has to be one for a 12v system. The second is
the mechanical mounting, they differ a lot. Direction of rotation
could be an issue but most of them turn the same way. If you are adept
at mechanics then you could fit a 12v one from any other vehicle.
Regards, Clive.