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An old Colorado


New Member
Feb 12, 2021
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Hello all, its an old Colorado owner of an old Colorado!
Bought the truck 15 years ago just after my daughter was born so like a lot of LC's its part of the family.
2nd owner and now has 140k miles on the clock. Minimal mods apart from new Pedders front suspension, (Roughtrax 4x4), expedition rack and a few other bits.
Used as an all rounder for school runs, off road for logging armed with trailer and chainsaws, camping, shopping and anything else you can think of.
Will never sell it. Love it.
Solid underneath as ever and just looked after.
Looking to do more off roading uk and Europe over the coming years as I drift into retirement with wifey. Truck is coming with us.
Thinking of stripping out the rear seats to put beer fridge, storage etc. Tips would be appreciated.
Installed a new CB radio but haven't spoke to anyone!! Anyone in the Cirencester/ Stroud area out there, breaker, breaker.......happy days!


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Jun 30, 2011
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Welcome aboard Buller. Plenty of life left in that 90 series for you yet. I spent a few days around Cirencester a couple of years back with a mate at the Goodwood revival races. Not much good to you now though! There is enormous room in the back with no seats in fairness. If I was near you, I'd happily take them off your hands as I'm at the other end, with a 1 year old, and half thinking of converting mine back from a commercial van to a 5 seater. There are a few available in Ireland but they are crazy money due to a long story involving tax dodges.