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Announcement: Ecoflow Mini Wifi Review (portable battery & Solargenerator)


Sep 18, 2012

I received a belated Christmas present from myself, an Ecoflow River Mini Wifi. I hereby announce a small Review - but I still need some time for it.

If you have any test scenarios, just let me know here in the forum, via PM, or directly via blog.

Key data
210 WH battery
Charging via power socket (300W), solar (MPPT 100W), cigarette lighter (100W)
220v sine wave inverter (300/600)
100w USB-C port
12v cigarette lighter with 12a
Various USB connections
Control on the unit directly and/or APP

The first impression is quite passable in terms of performance, but it's already foreseeable that not everything is quite as rounded as it was with the big River Pro from the crowdfunding campaign in 2020.

But: the thing is small, light, handy - and the key data (including USB-C with 100W) should be sufficient for travel purposes. I'm curious! The bigger River Pro was still too powerful, so I try again a downsizing for weight/space inside of my rig.

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